A little bit of transport mapping fun

2nd January 2021

To keep my brain occupied during lockdown and welcome in the new year, I decided to have a bit of fun and map the distance from each building in the Great Britain to the nearest Train Station or Tram Stop then categorise them into groups depending on the distance from their nearest Train or Tram stop.

So when I say every building in Great Britain, that isn’t technically true…….

The truth is that the buildings layer used is a generalisation of most buildings including houses by grouping them together. Mapping every house or building in Great Britain is pretty much impossible and trying to export more detailed mapping of houses from Open Street Map will take years. So a compromise was made to use a layer with generalised building data.

Why Train and Tram data?
Because buses take ages……

Why did I do it?
1. For a bit of fun
2. I wanted to see the extend to which houses / buildings in the country are linked to transport

An issue that was pointed out is that the Newcastle Metro stations were not included which has affected the results around the city. Once I get some time I will correct that and produce a more accurate map

Other than that, the pattern of the distance to transport is what would be expected. The distance to transport is longer from buildings and houses in rural areas and shorter in urban areas
The most interesting thing on the map, in my opinion, is that you can see the path of trainlines through the country side with patches of green buildings marking the path.

Unfortunately due to the size of the dataset, an interactive map could not be produced as it will not load the file. Instead, I have produced the highest resolution map that I can produce which you can download below

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