Find me a Nando's

8th May 2021


If you want chicken, look no further than a trip to Nando's. Nando's is my all time favourite restaurant to eat at and I have developed an unhealthy obsession with the company.


Nando's Drive Time map for the UK
Credit @helen.makes.maps

As my love of Nando's is not a secret, I was sent the map displayed by my sister's friend. After a bit of research it turns out the creator of the map is also called Helen. A coincidence I think not.......

As the description says, the perfect map does exist. I'm just going to make it interactive!

Users can pan around and find out how far they are away from their nearest Nando's by clicking on a location. Because this is the important information we need in life.

I roughly calculated distances from all Nando's in timescales of 10, 15 and 20 minutes. Both by walking and driving.

A guide of 1km being walked every 10 minutes and 8km drive and a speed of 30mph roughly equals 10 minutes.

Green = 0-10 minutes walking or driving
Orange = 10 - 15 minutes walking or driving
Red = 15 - 20 minutes walking or driving

Enjoy and happy Nandoing!

© Copyright 2020 Helen Johnson